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bulletbullet Alliant Powder
bulletbullet Armi Ed Accessori
bulletbullet A.S.P.I. Tactical
bulletbullet Barker & Bailey Custom Bluing
bulletbullet Barnes Bullets Inc. hats off to Randy & Connie - great products !
bulletbullet BIGBORES.COM  Nick Caico has a great site for all Big Bore enthusiasts
bulletbullet Blade-Tech.Com
bulletbullet Brownells
bulletbullet Jim Brockmans Custom Rifles Jim makes products that are top quality & performance.
bulletbullet Bucks-N-Does Human Scent Elimination Products
bulletbullet Burris
bulletbullet Bushnell
bulletbullet Cajun Slick Wildlife Products
bulletbullet Caswell International Corp.
bulletbullet CMR Int'l Classic Arms
bulletbullet C&H Research
bulletbullet Cole Distributing Inc.
bulletbullet Connecticut Valley Arms
bulletbullet Digital Reloader
bulletbullet Dillon
bulletbullet DK Flatwoods
bulletbullet FHPSO
bulletbullet Freedom Arms, Inc.
bulletbullet Gamaliel Shooting Supply
bulletbullet Gary's Gun Shop for good used and new guns
bulletbullet Gatling Gun
bulletbullet Gear Stuff
bulletbullet Griffith Knives
bulletbullet Heavy Metal Software Co.
bulletbullet Hunters Supply
bulletbullet Hodgdon the powder guys!
bulletbullet Hornady
bulletbullet IMR Powders
bulletbullet J.P Sauer & Sohn
bulletbullet KaDOOTY Mfg.
bulletbullet Ken's Firearm's
bulletbullet Kirkpatrick Leather Company
bulletbullet Knives USA
bulletbullet Leadheads Bullets
bulletbullet Lee Precision
bulletbullet Leica
bulletbullet Leupold
bulletbullet Load From a Disk Internal and External Ballistics Software
bulletbullet Long-Range Pistol Page
bulletbullet McMillan
bulletbullet Machine Works
bulletbullet Mayville Engineering Company
bulletbullet Mbogo Arms a great new African Big Bore Caliber-470 Mbogo
bulletbullet Mike's Shooters Supplies
bulletbullet Muzzleloader
bulletbullet National Bullet Co.
bulletbullet Nichols Cartridge Conversions
bulletbullet No Excuses Muzzleloading Bullets
bulletbullet Northwest Arms & Ammo
bulletbullet Northwest Security Products
bulletbullet NoRust Bag
bulletbullet Nosler
bulletbullet Oehler Chronographs
bulletbullet Ox-Yoke Originals - Gun care products
bulletbullet Pattern Control
bulletbullet PC Proxy, Inc. - "Ballistic software and more"
bulletbullet Pinsoft Hunting and Shooting Ballistic software
bulletbullet Power Custom a modern legend, the most innovative mind  in the industry
bulletbullet Precision Cartridge
bulletbullet Precision Rifle
bulletbullet Pyrodex
bulletbullet Ranger Products
bulletbullet Recon Supply
bulletbullet Redding Reloading Equipment
bulletbullet R & D Safeworks
bulletbullet Rifle Stock Finishing, Refinishing and Building
bulletbullet Robert W. Hart and Son Inc.
bulletbullet Sand Hill Black Powder Shop
bulletbullet Scopecoat
bulletbullet Shooter's Oasis
bulletbullet Shilen's Barrels this company wrote the book on barrels
bulletbullet Sierra Bullets  good stuff !free tech info the best available.
bulletbullet Sinclair International real experts in their field
bulletbullet S&S Firearms
bulletbullet Spolar Reloaders
bulletbullet Star Line Brass great quality at super prices
bulletbullet Strictly Anything (concealed carry)
bulletbullet Swarovski
bulletbullet Tactical Intervention Specialists
bulletbullet Tanyard Springs Custom Gunshop
bulletbullet Thompson Center Arms Company, Inc.
bulletbullet Thompson Tool Mount
bulletbullet Uncle John's General Store
bulletbullet USA Shooting Supplies
bulletbullet Wild Rose Trading Co.
bulletbullet Write Straight
bulletbullet Zanders Distributing these folks know the shooting sports!
bulletbullet Z-Hat Custom Rifle Builder
bulletbullet Zeiss

   Government Organizations       

bulletbullet U.S. Marshals Service
bulletbullet U.S. Customs Service
bulletbullet Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms
bulletbullet Federal Bureau of Investigation
bulletbullet U.S. Secret Service
bulletbullet Drug Enforcement Administration
bulletbullet Law Enforcement LinksLaw Enforcement Links

Pro-Gun Organizations   

bulletbullet Armed Households of America
bulletbullet Canada's National Firearms Association
bulletbullet Gun Owners of America
bulletbullet Hunter's Shooting Association
bulletbullet The Kansas Sportmen's Alliance
bulletbullet The Kansas State Rifle Association
bulletbullet The National Rifle Association
bulletbullet Western Fish & Wildlife Federation, Inc.


bulletbullet American Shooting Magazine
bulletbullet Blackpowder Hunting
bulletbullet The Blue Press Article Index
bulletbullet Drudge Report
bulletbullet GunWeb Magazine
bulletbullet James Russell Trapshooting Publishing
bulletbullet Safari Press
bulletbullet Shooters News
bulletbullet Shotgun Fun
bulletbullet Shotgun News
bulletbullet Shotgun Sports Magazine
bulletbullet Tom Gresham's talk radio show
bulletbullet Trap & Field
bulletbullet Trapshooter
bulletbullet Vulcan Outdoors - Bow Masters - Mossy Oak Hunting - Whitetail Journal - Knight & Hale Hunting - Southern Sporting Journal - Varmint Masters

Shooting Organizations       

bulletbullet American Firearm Page
bulletbullet Arkansas Skeet Shooting Assoc.
bulletbullet Bay Area Sportsman's Association
bulletbullet Benchrest Central
bulletbullet Cas City Internet Territory - Cowboy Action
bulletbullet Chattahoochee Clays, Inc
bulletbullet Cheyenne Regulators
bulletbullet CSSA
bulletbullet Eastex Gun Range
bulletbullet Fifty Caliber Shooters Association
bulletbullet Gallatin Gunfighters -Cowboy Action
bulletbullet Georgia Sporting Clays Association
bulletbullet International Blackpowder Hunting Association
bulletbullet IHMSA (International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association)
bulletbullet IHMSA Region 5
bulletbullet IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation)
bulletbullet Josephine County Sportsman Assn.
bulletbullet The Los Angeles Silhouette Club (LASC)
bulletbullet Minnesota Silhouette Assn.
bulletbullet Mule Camp
bulletbullet National Firearms Association
bulletbullet National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association
bulletbullet National Reloading Manufacturers Association
bulletbullet National Rifle Association
bulletbullet North Carolina 1,000 Yard Benchrest Association
bulletbullet Old South Hunting Retriever Club
bulletbullet The Original Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Benchrest Club
bulletbullet Pawnee Station Cowboy Action Shooters
bulletbullet Powder and Bow
bulletbullet PSSA
bulletbullet SASS (Single Action Shooting Society)
bulletbullet Self Defense Firearms Training
bulletbullet Shooting and Hunting
bulletbullet SHOT Show
bulletbullet South Florida Skeet Shooters Association
bulletbullet SW Missouri Skeet Shooters
bulletbullet Texas Historical Shootist Society
bulletbullet Wartrace Regulators -Cowboy Action
bulletbullet Wasatch Outfitters - Utah big game hunts
bulletbullet Western Shootist Society
bulletbullet Wolf's Indoor Range & Shooting Center
bulletbullet Vamint Hunters Association

More Links       

bulletbullet American Self-Defense Institute
bulletbullet ARMTECH-EUROPE
- a site for the European Police, Security forces and Sport-Shooters
bulletbullet Big Buck ATV Products
bulletbullet Barker & Bailey Custom Bluing
bulletbullet Dream Catchers USA
bulletbullet David Hackworth's Home Page
bulletbullet GunHoo: Gun Pages Central
bulletbullet -a German and American links site
bulletbullet Hawks-Hit Seasoning's
bulletbullet iNexT, Inc. Advanced Hunting
bulletbullet Journal of Pyrotechnics, Inc.
bulletbullet Keadby Wildfowling and Conservation Society
-A Christian hunter's radio web site
bulletbullet Outdoor Writer
bulletbullet Patriotic Fireworks
bulletbullet Reenactors World Plus
bulletbullet Shooting Links from M.D. Smith, IV
bulletbullet The Spin Doctor
bulletbullet Standard Road Maps
bulletbullet WEATHER & FORECASTS

Good Hunting:

For a great hunt in Montana you can contact my long time friend Miles Hutton. Miles has a guide service out of Turner, Montana.  The following is a good example of what he, and the area produce.  Miles guides big game hunters and guys like myself who also like to pursue prairie dogs in the spring.

Contact Miles Hutton by email =

Borderline Outfitters
box 144
Turner , MT 59542
406-379-2661 phone
406-379-2348 fax