Coated Bore Cleaning Rods™ carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

We are determined to make the best cleaning rod that money can buy. Moreover we knew that there were many great features that we could add to make a cleaning rod that would outlast anything currently available.

LIGHTNING RODS’™ have these great features:

1. “LIGHTNING RODS“™ are color coded.

The 17 caliber (.177-204) cleaning rod has a RED coating. ……………………..

The 22 caliber (.223-257) cleaning rod has a BLUE coating. …………………….

The 30 caliber (.264 -and up) has a yellow coating. …………………………………..

You can tell at a quick glance which rod you have.

2. “LIGHTNING RODS“™ are made of spring steel—they will not kink or break.

3.”LIGHTNING RODS“™ have ball bearing handles with bearings in both the front and rear of the handle.

4. “LIGHTNING RODS“™ have a special coating that is concentric on the spring steel rod. The coating does not have “THIN SPOTS. The coating is impervious to chemicals and solvents.

5.”LIGHTNING RODS“™ have handles made of an aerospace polymer. The handles are also impervious to harsh chemicals and solvents.

6.”LIGHTNING RODS“™ have the following thread configuration:

17 caliber rod = 5/40 male thread and include a female conversion ferrule.

22 caliber rod = 8/32 male thread and include a female conversion ferrule.

30 caliber rod = 8/32 thread and include a female conversion ferrule.

7. “LIGHTNING RODS“™ have a no fault LIFETIME WARRANTY. The warranty covers the ROD, the COATING, the THREADS, the HANDLE, and the BEARINGS.

8.LIGHTNING RODS“™ also have a full line of Jags, Brushes, Mops and Patches to complement this great Cleaning Rod Program.

LIGHTNING RODS’™ Options and Pricing

Sharp Shoot R developed this product with the aid and consultation of competitive shooters, gunsmiths, barrel makers, and manufacturers within the firearms industry, the same bunch that were involved in the development of WIPE-OUT™ Brushless Bore Cleaner©:

These rods were developed over three years of testing in the developmental stage. The criteria for this new product were set by a tough group to satisfy individually let alone collectively.

” LIGHTNING RODS“™ are available in the following lengths:  in 17 caliber, 22 caliber, and 30 caliber Rods.

12 inch,

24 inch,17 inch,

30 inch,

36 inch,

44 inch,

The 30 caliber rod(*fits .264 and up) is also available in a 60″ length

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