A unique special lubricating product, there’s nothing like it !



Most lubricants have a great deal of difficulty staying in place to complete the job of lubrication and protection.  This unique product sprays on and into hard to reach places.

Slicker ™ changes from a water-thin, penetrating synthetic fluid to become a tough, tack-free light lubricating grease.

Slicker ™ then creates a skin or film over the synthetic lubricant protecting it and metal parts from the incursion of dirt sand and grit.  This cured film is impervious to moisture, dust and dirt, and is stable at temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  These properties make Slicker ™ an ideal lubricant for sportsmen.

Slicker ™ stays put and does the job that most thinner lubricants fail to do.  THERE IS NO OTHER PRODUCT AVAILABLE THAT WORKS IN THIS MANNER.

Slicker ™ can be used for both interior and exterior of your pistols, rifles, shotguns, and black powder firearms.

Internal application of Slicker ™ provides a light grease that won’t blow away but will continue to lubricate and stay put.

External application of Slicker ™ provides a tough coating of light grease that has a neutral di-electric constant, making it repel the attraction of dust and grit.

Slicker ™ also provides an excellent exterior protective long-term coating against rust and corrosion.

Directions and Suggested Uses

DIRECTIONS: Spray a thin film on the surface to be lubricated or protected. To treat hard to reach areas, insert extension tube in spray tip. Material will start forming into grease in minutes. Allow 15 to 20 minutes for product to fully cure. Avoid over spray onto painted or plastic surfaces to avoid damage.

NOTE: Test before using on plastics or painted surfaces, as cracking or dissolving may result.



Internal firearms( bolts, actions, slides, & bore coating)

 External firearms (barrel , receiver, action , slide, & safety)

Other suggested uses are:

Bicycle Chains

General Marine

 Fishing Reels

 Motorcycle Chains,

Chain Drives




 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles

 Open Gears

 Cam & Slides

 Power Tools

Metal Surfaces

 All TerrainVehicles

(including 4 wheelers & 6 wheelers)


SLICKER is an Excellent Release Agent for Fiberglass Bedding


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How to Use Slicker:

Slicker is a revolutionary product with no other peers like it on the market. The reason we call Slicker a

revolutionary product, is that it really represents a liquid form of grease in an aerosol can. Slicker comes out of

the can as a water thin liquid, after 15 to 20 min. of cure time, Slicker sets up into a light grease. What this

means to the user is that now, you’re able to get a light lubricant in the form of a solid grease into areas that was

never possible before. In the past, the only way to get grease into difficult to reach areas was by melting the

product, or putting grease in under very high pressure. Because, Slicker is a water thin liquid, it can penetrate

into the most difficult areas to reach in a firearm.

Slicker is a neutral di-electric constant, this means that Slicker will not attract dust and dirt or grime the way

other lubricants do. Since Slicker is neutral, the firearm will stay cleaner, longer.

The uses for Slicker are almost endless. Where, Slicker really shines is in lubricating semiautomatic firearms,

and pump action firearms. When lubricated with conventional oils increases, pumps and semi-autos, usually

only have sufficient lubrication for the first few shots. After that point the action becomes fouled with carbon,

unburned powder, grit and grime mixed in with the remaining lubricant. This makes for an ugly mess. Slicker

stays in place, regardless of temperature, and does not attract anything.

Directions for Use:

Shake the can well. Spray, or coat the part, with a light coating of Slicker. Allow the part to cure for 15 to 20

min. Slicker will set up into a light grease with a light red skin over the top. This skin should be solid to the

touch. If it’s not solid, let Slicker set up a little longer. The firearm is now ready to use. Slicker will stay in place

longer than any other lubricant.

The areas it is important to use Slicker, are those that get the most wear and tear. Pay particular attention to the

bolt lugs, the rails on the action, and the slide where it meets the frame.( Gunsmith’s tip: give Slicker a light

coating of MAXX lubricant. This will make the action feel like its polished.)

SUGGESTED USES: Internal firearms( bolts, actions, slides, & bore coating), External firearms (barrel, receiver, action , slide, & safety) Other suggested uses are: Bicycle Chains General Marine, Fishing

Reels, Motorcycle Chains, Chain Drives. , Tools, Tracks, Machinery, 4 WD Vehicles, Open Gears,

That’s why this great new product is known by folks who use it as ” The Gunsmith in a Can”.

Slicker™ is available in an 14 ounce aerosol spray can.

This product is made and sold by , Sharp Shoot R Precision Products®. For further information please

contact the Sharp Shoot R Precision Products® P.O. Box 171, Paola, Kansas 66071. Pho:785-883-4444

or by Fax at 785-883-2525,

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Sender’s name:
Bob Fortunato
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I’ve been using both SLICKER and MAXX since October of 2014. These are my observations:
On the BOLT BODY, LOCKING LUGS and REAR LUG of both of my Benchrest Rifles( KELBLY PANDA and a STILLER VIPER.
I used both of these Rifles for WINTER LEAGUE here at THE CAMILLUS SPORTSMEN”S CLUB.
The bolts and treated parts stayed lubed up into APRIL of 2015 when I re-treated them(not because I had to).
The LUBRICITY provided by the SLICKER and MAXX is far superior to any gun grease or oil I have ever used.
I then decided to try it on my MACHINERY and TOOLS,
On the WAYS of my SOUTH BEND HEAVY 10 LATHE and the CRANKS..
They are still smooth since being treated in NOVEMBER 2014.
I used them on my BRIDGEPORT “M” HEAD MILL (on the QUILL surfaces)
It is much easier to operate and VERY SMOOTH.
No sign of wear yet. In my opinion: