Sharp Shoot R™ Precision Products®  CARB-OUT” ™

2015carbout 2An aerosol for the specific removal of carbon. This new product is an answer to a problem where the shooter has to use specific chemical solvents for the removal of stubborn carbon deposits. This exciting new product dissolves and removes carbon on contact. It’s easier to use and is considerably less messy. It has no complicated method of application. You simply put it on a patch or a mop and swab it thru the barrel. No Muss No Fuss! CARB-OUT ™ leaves behind a protective coating that prevents future carbon adherence This coating is less than 100th of a micron in thickness, it will not affect first shot accuracy

“CARB-OUT” ™ has been designed to be a maximum strength product for dissolving carbon without brushing. In our testing we found that “CARB-OUT” ™ was capable of dissolving more carbon fouling than any product currently on the market.

The recommended use for “CARB-OUT “™ is to apply it to a patch or a mop push it thru the barrel and let it set to dissolve the fouling from the barrel.

This product has been designed to be totally brushless, and the strongest formula available.

“CARB-OUT” ™ is conventional carbon cleaner that is applied to a patch or mop and allowed to soak while it dissolves the fouling left in the barrel.

Use “CARB-OUT” ™ as a barrel swab in between relays or between shot strings to remove carbon and powder fouling. This method is a quick solution that will ensure the cleaning job you do when you have more time will be positive and complete. Many shooters need a product that will clean in the shortest time possible because they have severe time constraints. The body of competitive shooters falls in to this group because they all have minimal amounts of time to clean their firearms between relays. Additionally during break-in of a barrel it is normal to clean the barrel every few shots for at least the first 100 to 150 rounds. Or you may be a high volume shooter , who shoots a large number of rounds before being forced to clean due to the degradation of accuracy. In these particular situations a faster method of carbon removal is necessary.
“CARB-OUT” ™ is as safe to use as WIPE-OUT™ and in no manner compromises the safe use of either product.

Benefits of CARB-OUT

Removal of metal fouling and carbon from the bore can rejuvenate and restore accuracy to and badly fouled firearm. Heavy amounts of brushing to the bore of a firearm can produce damage and unnecessary wear. New “CARB-OUT” ™ was formulated to utilize technology in the safe removal of all types of fouling from the barrel faster, and more efficiently…….and without brushing.

I. CARB-OUT” ™” will protect all metal parts including the bore against corrosion & rust.

II. CARB-OUT” ™” is totally safe for all steels (both stainless and carbon steel)and all metal plating.

III. CARB-OUT” ™” is harmless to modern gunstock finishes. (it is not for use on shellac, varnish or oil)

IV. CARB-OUT” ™” dissolves carbon without brushing

V. CARB-OUT” ™” dissolves smokeless powder fouling, and black powder fouling, and primer fouling.

VI. CARB-OUT” ™” is odorless, relatively safe and easy to use.

VII. CARB-OUT” ™” cannot gum or leave behind solids that render the firearm useless.


The final product “CARB-OUT” ™” has undergone extreme testing by Competitive Shooters, Gunsmiths, and Police within the firearms industry. Test results were dramatic , in each and every case

CARB-OUT” ™” removed all traces metal fouling, powder fouling and carbon. . . . . . . with no brushing ! !

Operating instructions:

With the breach open apply CARB-OUT” ™” into the barrel by means of a patch which has been wetted with

the solution. Place the firearm down horizontally on the bench. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Put a clean cotton patch on a a

good jag and push through the bore. The use of a bore brush is not necessary, ever. Simple and easy with no complication.

CARB-OUT” ™” is available in a 8 oz. aerosol can and is manufactured and sold by ,

 Sharp Shoot R Precision Products®. The product is available to all distributors, and dealers in this market area.

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