Sharp Shoot R Precision announces new sister product WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ . This product is to be used with the improved version of the “original” Wipe-Out™, Patch-Out™, & Tactical Advantage™. Accelerator™ is NOT meant to be used by itself………or with ANY other cleaning product besides Wipe-Out™, Patch-Out™, & Tactical Advantage™. The new sister product is an answer to a problem where the shooter has a limited time in which to clean his firearm.

Accelerator™ is designed to Double the speed of Wipe-Out™ within a given time period. Accelerator™ will Double the amount of Carbon and Copper dissolved within that period.

We have seen that there are a number of special situations where speed and extra cleaning is needed

1. COMPETITIVE SHOOTERS have limited amounts of time between relays. We now can give them confidence that they can use a Brushless product (Wipe-Out™ ),to clean competition firearms in 25 MINUTES OR LESS, when combined with Accelerator™. NO BRUSHING——–JUST PATCH IT OUT ! !

2. FIREARMS WHICH FOUL MORE HEAVILY. If you own a 50 BMG. Or a 17cal Or a 220 Swift Or a Firearm that has a particular penchant for Copper or Carbon Fouling – you need HELP. There are some calibers that are going to copper foul just by their very nature. The 50 caliber Browning is one of those that guarantees you copper in the barrel in large amounts. Barnes X-Bullets are some of the best performing Big Game Bullets made today. Shoot all the Barnes X-Bullets you want , without fear of the upcoming cleaning cycle.Accelerator™ will really extend the amount of Wipe-Out™that you use because it Doubles the removal amounts of these trouble makers. You might just be cleaning up an old Military rifle with more than 60-70 years of uncleaned build-up.

3. BREAKING IN A BARREL. During break-in of a barrel it is normal to clean the barrel every few shots for at least the first 100 to 150 rounds. Accelerator™ will reduce the wait time for cleaning to 15 minutes or less between shots. The color indicators in the Accelerator™/ Wipe-Out™ combination will also tell you if you can increase the number of shots in a string. If you get no brown or blue color on the patch, you can add another shot to the break-in string. (We don’t usually go more than 5 shots in a string) Less time spent in a task that comes close to drudgery.

4. WORKING UP RELOADS. The only way to tell if you are getting the Ultimate Accuracy out of that new load you are developing, is to have a clean barrel to base your work on. Clean barrels produce great groups !

5. HIGH VOLUME SHOOTERS. Whether it Chucks in PA, Gophers in California, or Prairie Dogs in Wyoming; ALL THESE SPORTS ARE HIGH VOLUME SHOOTING. The Accelerator™/ Wipe-Out™ combination will add more hours of pleasurable shooting, and less time cleaning. The Rule is “Keep’em Cool and Keep’em Clean.”

Our prescribed use for WIPE-OUT ™ is to apply it and let it set to dissolve the fouling from the barrel for at least an hour. Many shooters need a product that will clean in the shortest time possible because they have severe time constraints. It was for this reason that we developed a product that would meet the shooter’s specific needs. Admittedly not everyone needs to use Accelerator™/ Wipe-Out™ combination. If you have the time, using Wipe-Out™ and letting it set overnight still is very easy and very simple.


WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ was developed to answer those problems and many more.
WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is extremely easy to use. You wet a patch with WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ and push it through the barrel. While WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is still wet in the bore you simply apply WIPE-OUT ™ . Then you patch out after 15 or 20 minutes.
Our tests show that using WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ in combination with WIPE-OUT ™ will effectively dissolve twice as much fouling. Or in other words it will make WIPE-OUT ™ work twice as fast.
WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is not meant to be used by itself as a cleaner, but is a catalyst that enhances the action of WIPE-OUT™ .
WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is as safe to use as WIPE-OUT™ and in no manner compromises the safe use of either product.
WIPE-OUT ™ it self is a revolutionary new product that solves all the problems encountered with conventional bore cleaners. Now it works almost twice as fast as the original formula. It also has the capability to remove twice the amount of fouling.
Loss of accuracy is normal in all firearms after they have been used in a prolonged shooting session. The barrel will become fouled with gun powder residue as a result of combustion, additionally: two other materials are deposited internally to the barrel, carbon and metal fouling from bullet material . These two are the most difficult to remove and are the greatest cause for the loss of accuracy in a firearm.
Most traditional bore cleaners are in one of three categories:
1. Not effective and require large amounts of brushing,
2. Semi-effective, but containing large amounts of acid and ammonia and require large amounts of brushing.
3. Semi-effective but so harsh that the user is afraid to be in their presence without-a Bio-suit. Old methods, with harsh chemicals were and are neither safe for the firearms , the environment , or those shooters who used them.

Removal of metal fouling and carbon from the bore can rejuvenate and restore accuracy to and badly fouled firearm. Heavy amounts of brushing to the bore of a firearm can produce damage and un-necessary wear. New WIPE-OUT™ and WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ were formulated to utilize technology in the safe removal of all types of fouling from the barrel faster, and more efficiently…….and without brushing.
The criteria for this new product WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ were a tough group to satisfy individually let alone collectively. Sharp Shoot R developed this product with the aid and consultation of competitive shooters, gunsmiths, barrel makers, and manufacturers within the firearms industry. The resulting research and development team produced a revolutionary new type catalyst to enhance the great properties of WIPE-OUT™ Brushless Bore Cleaner©.


Benefits of WIPE-OUT™ Brushless Bore Cleaner©:

I. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ will dissolve copper , bronze, cupro-nickel, brass fouling in the bore twice as fast and in half the time without brushing.

II. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ will protect all metal parts including the bore against corrosion & rust.

III. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is totally safe for all steels (both stainless and carbon)

IV. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is harmless to modern gunstock finishes. (it is not for use on shellac, varnish or oil)

V. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ dissolves carbon without brushing

VI. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ dissolves smokeless powder fouling, and black powder fouling, and primer fouling.

VII. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ has color indicators show the presence of metal fouling, powder fouling and carbon. (Metal fouling is navy blue, Powder fouling is grey or black, Carbon is tan or brown.)

VIII. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is odorless, relatively safe and easy to use.

IX. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ will not harm plastics, rubber, or bedding compound.

X. WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ cannot gum or leave behind solids that render the firearm useless.


The final product ” WIPE-OUT™ Brushless Bore Cleaner© ” and WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ both have undergone extreme testing by Competitive Shooters, Gunsmiths, Law Enforcement Agencies, and manufacturers within the firearms industry.

Test results were dramatic , in each and every case Wipe-Out™ and WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ removed all traces of metal fouling, powder fouling and carbon. . . . . . . with no brushing ! !

Technical Bulletin:

How to use Accelerator:

With the breach open apply WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ into the barrel by means of a patch or a mop which has been wetted with the solution. You then apply the Wipe-Out™ cream to the barrel from the muzzle towards the receiver or from the breach end by means of a bore guide. Stop the application when Wipe-Out™ is present at either the muzzle or the chamber. Place the firearm down horizontally on the bench. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes. Put a clean cotton patch on a a good jag and push through the bore. The use of a bore brush is not necessary, ever.


WIPE-OUT ACCELERATOR™ is available in a 8 ounce plastic bottle with a flip top lid. This bottle is capable of cleaning the amount of firearms that can be cleaned with 4 or 5 cans of WIPE-OUT™.)

Manufactured and sold by , Sharp Shoot R Precision Products®. The product is available to all distributors, and dealers in this market area. For further information please contact the Sharp Shoot R Precision Products® P.O.Box 171, Paola, Kansas 66071. Pho:785-883-4444 or by Fax at 785-883-2525

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