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Products® announces new Royal Case & Die Lube” ™”


A product specific for lubrication , resizing and case forming. This new product is an answer to easy and clean application of a case lubricants. This exciting new product is easier to use with no messy clean-up.. It has no complicated method of application.

We now are packaging this product in 3 convenient sizes. As an aerosol in an 5 ounce spray, and a 4 ounce jar , and a 2 ounce jar.

The spray can facilitates the use of the product by either spraying it on a case lube pad, or by spraying over a bulk quantity of cases. The other 2 products

are available in a conventional 4 ounce,and 2 ounce jars, for those who want to apply case lube manually.

Simply dab a small amount on your fingers and apply to the case directly, or to a case lube pad..

Benefits of Royal Case & Die Lube ™

No Muss No Fuss ! Royal Case & Die Lube ™ leaves behind a protective coating that prevents corrosion. This coating will not attract grit, grime, or dust. The high degree of lubricity makes even the roughest job of case forming, an absolute dream.

Royal Case & Die Lube ™ is “smooth as butter & sweet as honey”.

“Royal Case & Die Lube ™” has been designed to provide maximum case lubrication without being gummy or tacky. In our testing we found that “Royal Case & Die Lube ™” was the easiest case lubricating product of over twenty that we tested.

I. Royal Case & Die Lube ™”will protect all metal parts ( both dies and cases) against corrosion & rust.

II. Royal Case & Die Lube ™” is totally safe for to use, so safe it’s even edible.

III. Royal Case & Die Lube ™” is non gumming.

IV. Royal Case & Die Lube ™” wipe clean off cases leaving no tacky residue.

V. Royal Case & Die Lube ™” available as an 8 ounce aerosol can with a 5 ounce net weight fill .

VI. Royal Case & Die Lube ™” available in a 4 ounce jar and a 2 ounce jar.

VII Royal Case & Die Lube ™” cannot gum or leave behind solids that de-activate primers.

The final product “Royal Case & Die Lube™” has undergone extreme testing by Competitive Shooters, Gunsmiths, and Law Enforcement agencies

within the firearms industry.

Operating instructions:

AEROSOL : # 1 Apply Royal Case & Die Lube ™” by spraying directly on the surface of a case lube pad.

# 2 Spray “ Royal Case & Die Lube™” directly over a tray full of cases that are to be lubricated.

MANUAL : #1 Apply “Royal Case & Die Lube ™” to the surface of a lube pad.

#2 Apply “Royal Case & Die Lube ™” dab in the jar and apply with the fingers, directly to the case.

Royal Case & Die Lube ™” is available in a 8 ounce aerosol can. Product number RLS-008

Royal Case & Die Lube ™” is also available in a 4 ounce jar. Product number is RLJ-004

Royal Case & Die Lube ™” is also available in a 2 ounce jar. Product number is RLJ-002

Royal Case & Die Lube ™” is also available in a NEW 8 ounce pump spray. Product ID # is RLS-080


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