Sharp Shoot R Precision Inc announces a newly improved product the world’s easiest nylon brushes to use! This is the first product of it’s kind to address the issues of using nylon bore brushes. Firstly, all the new brushes have female threads. It is not necessary to have a female adapter for your cleaning rod. 100 % of all nylon brushes have male threads. WHY? It makes perfect sense to eliminate the threaded adapter. How many times have you not been able to use a brush, because you couldn’t find the adapter? We call this product ‘revolutionary” because of all the hassle that has been associated with the complicated and laborious task of cleaning these firearms. This revolutionary new product will make cleaning with a brush much more sensible. The product is the answer to this problem ! We are attempting to make sense of utilizing brushes. It’s packaged in all convenient sizes Ready to use on the bench or in the field. The RUBY RED color identifies then as a Sharp Shoot R product.