PRESS RELEASE October 21, 2014

REFERENCE: “Brass Monkey – brass cartridge cleaner” ™” © by Sharp Shoot R Precision Products


Sharp Shoot R Precision Products® announces new for 2014 “Brass Monkey ™” a product specific for cleaning the brass cartridges for rifles and pistols. This new product is an answer to easy cleaning of brass cases. This exciting new product is faster and easier to use, and leaves no messy residue. “Brass Monkey ™” even cleans most cases of that hateful primer pocket and flash hole residue…and, leaves no media behind to punch out later!”

We are packaging this product 8 ounce jar. It is very easy to use and is extremely great value …. This one 8 ounce jar will produce more than 21 gallons of cleaning solution. “Brass Monkey ™”will cost less than 80 cents per gallon of cleaner. Most other brass cleaners are liquids. Expensive to ship, and are limited to just a couple of uses. Brass Monkey is a dry powder that you mix with very hot water. The ratio is one teaspoon of Brass Monkey to ½ gallon of water. The normal amount of brass you can clean with a half gallon of cleaner is around 350 pieces of 45 ACP. The value is evident when you compare this product with all others.

It’s a fact that clean brass is easier to reload and is much less stressful on reloading dies. I would point out that it’s more important to have clean brass than shiny, polished pretty brass. The products used to polish brass gets lodged inside of the cases and is blasted into the barrel steel and then scrapes down the bore with each successive shot. Most polishing media either contains corn cobs, or nut hulls, which are a real pain to get out of flash holes and primer pockets. You may use any of three proven methods to clean brass.

1. Vibratory cleaners
2. Drum tumblers
3. Plastic Pail method is incredibly simple. Heat the water, add “Brass Monkey ™. Pour over the pail containing the brass.
Allow to soak for 20 to 30 minutes depending on how dirty the brass is. In most cases 20 minutes is more than enough. We
strain the brass by pouring it through a plastic colander(spaghetti strainer). If you really want to dry the brass quickly. While
it’s still warm put it in a salad spinner. The centrifugal spin will leave the brass 99.9% dry.

I. “Brass Monkey ™” will protect cases against corrosion.
II. “Brass Monkey ™”Biodegradable, and is totally safe for to use.
III. “Brass Monkey ™” is extremely fast acting.
IV. “Brass Monkey ™” leaves cases clean and bright leaving no tacky residue.
V. “Brass Monkey ™” available as an 8 ounce jar
VI. “Brass Monkey ™” is less expensive to ship and goes 20 times farther

The final product “Brass Monkey ™” has undergone extreme testing by Competitive Shooters and  reloaders .

“Brass Monkey ™” product ID -WBM-700, comes in an 8 ounce jar and retails for $16.95